DSX At Work

Embedded Fluoropolymer Particle Technology

How DSX Was Invented

DSX Products were originally designed to serve in the Desert Shield effort in the Middle East to overcome the extreme heat and cold temperatures along with the sand, grit and adverse conditions in order to maximize land, sea and air military equipment functionality.

DSX Products have emerged as America’s answer not only to military operations but domestically as the environmentally safe, next century technology, to move machinery parts against each other with less friction, wear, corrosion, carbonization and oxidation, thereby extending engine and parts life, mileage and fuel economy, system efficiency, emission reduction and energy conservation. They are truly products “right for the time!” Now, many more DSX products have emerged from the original few. These products offer a notably unique product line with unmatched performance.

There are three main reasons why DSX Products are unequaled.

1. Fluoropolymer particulate size: DSX uses the smallest size available, which is approximately 0.02 micron in diameter (about one millionth of an inch). These are the most expensive which eliminates most of the competition. This small particle size is necessary in order to invade or fill the micro-voids and asperities of the treated surface.

2. Fluoropolymer particulate suspension: DSX is the only fluoropolymer product or product line that has permanently suspended fluoropolymer particles in the carrier fluid (proprietary process). The fluoropolymers in all other liquid fluoropolymer products sink to the bottom of their container into a gooey mass and will not emulsify when agitated. Think of DSX as being permanently blended or “homogenized”. If the particles are not suspended, they will not reach the surfaces that are to be treated. The reason for the “Shake Well” direction on some of the DSX bottles is because the fluoropolymer is “super saturated.” The excess will instantly become blended into the carrier fluid.

3. Electrostatic Attraction: The DSX particles are electrostatically attracted to the treated surface. Because of the extremely small size and the electrostatic attraction, the DSX fluoropolymer particles permanently fill the surface micro-voids and asperities, leaving a very smooth (sometimes described as wet ice on wet ice) surface. Once the DSX fluoropolymer particles are electrostatically embedded in the treated surface, they are there to stay. This means that other foreign particulate matter or debris is “locked out -no vacancy!”

DSX Takes Over When Viscosity Breakdown Occurs

Embedded Fluoropolymer Particle Technology

Conventional Petroleum or
Synthetic “Film Lubrication”
Teflon” Additives
(Slick 50. TufOil)

DSX At Work

Only bathes metal, does not affect surface.

DSX At Work

Temporarily coats metal surfaces, but can Bake off

Synthetic Hydrocarbons
(Duralube, XIR, Militec.
Motogard, Justice Bros,QMI, etc.)
DSX Fluoropolymer
Particle Embedment

DSX At Work

Fonns molecular bond with metal to create a completely new surface.

DSX At Work

Electrostatically embeds permanently in the voids and asperities. Not a film. Does not change tolerances. Makes C! smoother. more durable. hydraulic. original surface.

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