DSX Defender II is the ultimate in exterior protection. Designed for aircraft, automotive and marine use, this next generation product creates a beautiful shine with advanced long term protection. DSX Products were developed to overcome the extreme temperatures found in the desert and protect against sand, grit, etc. There is some indication that with DSX Defender II applied to various vehicles, there has been a measurable reduction in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic drag. The aerodynamic drag measurement was based on wind tunnel tests on the Dallara body (indie car design) in Italy.


  • Repels Debris, Salt, Mildew, Tar and Insects
  • Reduces Friction and Drag
  • Provides Ultraviolet Screen
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Permanent Fluoropolymer Particle Embedment

**** Customers in the U.S. report ice, snow and sodium chloride do not stick to their trucks and or personal vehicles.


  • Shake Well
  • Apply with rotating or orbital equipment or manually using a soft, absorbent buffer material
  • Work small circular patterns of 2-3 feet
  • Replace buffer cloth frequently
  • Wipe off dry haze
  • Re apply depending on exposure and use

**** Not for use on vinyl, metalized plastic trim, flat black paint, decals or simulated wood panels


The applications for DSX Defender II seem to be unending.  The following list some but not all as we continue to find more applications regularly.  All of these applications are based on the personal experience of our staff/personnel, reports from our customers and data developed by the scientist who developed our products.

Customers include:


Truck Drivers

Truck drivers (owner-operators and company) report that ice snow and sodium chloride do not stick.  The applications include all metal and glass, including heated mirrors.  One owner-operator reported using the wax on his fan.  Specifically, after cleaning the fan he waxed it.  He reported that it seemed to work better and remained clean for a surprisingly long period of time.  After mentioning this to other customers, many reported similarly.

Note to Fan Applications. Based on this report we arranged for the waxing of three shop fans.  In the first case, prior to cleaning and waxing the electric wire was hot to the touch.  After cleaning and waxing, the electric wire was no longer hot to the touch.  It is our opinion that the lower temperature in the electric wire was related to cleaning the fan blades, not the DSX Defender II.  However, four months later the fan blades were still clean and the electric wire was still cool to the touch.  In another test, the exhaust fan was waxed more than six years ago and remains clean today.  In yet another cases, a reduction of amperage was reported in the range of 5% after cleaning the blades of a shop fan (4 ft diameter fan blades).  Again we do not think the reduction in amperage was related to the wax but to the cleaning.  The benefit of the DSX Defender II wax/sealer seems to be in maintaining the clean blades over time.


NASCAR and Formula 1 have both reported “fantastic” after wind tunnel testing with DSX Defender II.  They have not defined “fantastic”.  They have reported that very little track trash sticks to the cars after using DSX Defender II.  While the racing community is never forthcoming with details about using a product such as DSX Defender II, we know they continue to buy.


Customers report DSX Defender II is easy to use and lasts a long time.  Furthermore they report that it helps keep their boats clean.  There have been many compliments about appearance from boat owners after using DSX Defender II.


We have data developed years ago on small planes indicating an average improvement in performance in the range of eight percent after applying DSX Defender II to small planes.  That data is available, please ask for it. We have waxed two Cessna Citation XLs in Costa Rica. Both plane managers reported fuel savings of $1,000 per round trip from Costa Rica to Florida to Costa Rica for more then six months.


We have any number of reports from homemakers who have applied DSX Defender II wax/sealer to kitchen counter tops, bathroom mirrors and kitchen appliances with reportedly outstanding results.



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