1 September 2018

Lee E. Lippert
DSX-Equipment Technologies, LLC
P.O. Box 8766
Jacksonville, FL 32239

Dear Lee,

I am immensely pleased with DSX Equipment Technologies as my lubricant specialist. My company has worked with many lubricant manufacturers over the years, but DSX Equipment Technologies is truly the best of the bunch.

I started using DSX around 18,000 miles after I rebuilt the engine in my Cummins N14, at which time I had approximately 1 million miles. At that time, I was using Mobil Deivac engine oil, transmission fluid and drive axle lube, and still until this day.

At the onset, I was carrying about 18,000 pounds of mail from Tallahassee, Fl to Atlanta, Ga, and my fuel consumption was around 6.o miles per gallon. I began using DSX extra in the engine oil, transmission fluid and drive axle. I now carry 44,000 pounds of peanuts and other commodities, and my miles per gallon have increased to 6.5. I have since used DSX Extra for more than 1.8 million miles and am getting better fuel economy and only major expense has been injector replacements. Now I change my engine oil every 30,000 miles.

DSX Extra is my product of choice, and has proven to be worth the minimal investment, with maximum results.


Joe G. Johnson
JGJ Trucking
Leesburg, GA

June 25,2012
Mr. Lee Lippert President
DSX Equipment Technologies LLC

P.O. BOX 8766
Jacksonville, FL 32239

Re: DSX Products

Dear Lee:

I was introduced to DSX extra in 2008 in Atlanta, GA by one of your salesmen. Somehow we started talking about engines. I told him I was going to rebuild mine, although I didn’t think that I really had to, but the truck was three years old when I purchased it and had a little over 600,000 miles on it.

My truck is a 2000 Kenworth WL900 with a Cummins N14 Plus engine. It was pulling dump trucks at the time I made the purchase, was way overloaded most of the time and was getting 4.9 MPG, give or take. At about 1,020,000 miles she started an oil leak between the head and block. I did not know what kind of driver the previous driver was, so to be safe I rebuilt the engine.

After the first 18,000 miles, I started using DSX Extra and have been doing so consistently for over 700,000 miles. The engine still runs like new. The engine, transmissions and both rears are running at or near, occasionally a bit less, than 150 Degrees. I have replaced all temperature gauges since I did not believe gears, transmission and rears could run so cool. Fuel mileage is now about 5.8 MPG to 6.1 MPG. No heat! No friction! No wear!

When I have to downshift, I have bad fuel in my system. Other than that I don’t downshift. I run the back roads in Georgia. Good roads, but hills on top of hills. I set the cruise and let it do what it does. I see about a 9.5% to 10.0% increase in MPG. I am very pleased with DSX Products.

DSX Defender II wax. At night, in the rain, if you didn’t see the rain hitting your hood you wouldn’t know it was raining. Pay attention at night, when you see some of the bugs coming at your windshield and not hitting it, amazing. Clean up time is good.

I run between 25,000 miles and 27,000 miles between oil changes and have gone as high as 30,250 mile between oil changes with no burn of the oil. The oil still has good body and is clean to the touch and no burn odor. As we have discussed, I could probably go further between oil changes but even changing from 18,000 miles is hard changing when that is what you have always done. Best of all, my truck still runs great!

Thank you for all the help over the last five years.

Joe Johnson
Leesburg, GA

May 15, 2011

Mr. Lee E. Lippert
DSX -Equipment Technologies, LLC
P.O. Box 8766, Jacksonville, Florida 32239

Dear Lee,

It was good talking with you today. You’ve got a great product, but as with anything, the use of it shows exactly how great of a lubricant it actually is.

As I mentioned in our conversation, after thousands of rounds of ammunition through a gun you know exactly how it sounds, and you certainly know exactly how it feels when you operate the slide on your pistol. After the application of DSX, both the grease and the thinner lubricant, the gun absolutely became a different firearm. The smoothness of the operation must be observed and experienced to be believed.

It’s like the old saying, “when the rubber hits the road.” When you apply DSX to your gun and pull the slide, you know something has changed. The normal sound associated with surfaces rubbing on each other basically disappears. The operation of the firearm is so smooth. Friction is gone. End of story.

The enclosed check covers the items you originally sent me plus the cost of another container of grease and the associated shipping cost.

You need to get this on the web so it’s easy for gun owners to order it. There are some major gun supplies on the web, and you need to get this product in their on-line catalog and give the buyers and easy method to order it via credit card. Your price needs to be adjusted for the use of the card. Remember, it’s all about ease of buying a product.

Thanks for everything.


Roger G

August 6, 2007

Dear Mr. Lippert:

Thank you for introducing me to DSX Products.

I contacted you after reading about the DSX Products in Independent Contractor. The technical information you provided convinced me that I should try DSX Products. Being a Service Manager for a Peterbilt Dealer in Alabama and Director of Maintenance for a couple of premier carriers in the Southeast, I have extensive knowledge of mechanics and fuel consumption. This background enables me, as an owner operator, to search for new and innovative products that extend the life of the equipment and contribute to bottom line profits. I used DSX Extra in my engine, differentials and DSX Defender II, the protective wax, on the exterior ofmy cab. I am extremely happy with the results from both products.

My truck is a new Peterbilt with a CAT C-15 engine. For the first 6,440 miles I averaged 4.44 MPG. I have now been using DSX Extra in my engine for approximately 113,000 miles. The MPG ranges from 5.5 to 6.0 since adding DSX Extra and using DSX Defender II.

I was so pleased with the DSX Extra engine application that I decided to apply DSX Extra to the front and rear differentials of my truck. Temperatures in the front differential, prior to application, ran approximately 190 degrees and the rear approximately 180 degrees. Now temperatures are approximately 170 degrees (front) and 160 degrees (rear). Lower temperatures are a direct result of less friction, which results in extending the life of major components. With today’s rising cost of equipment and repairs, extending equipment life is a bonus that adds to profits.

You told me how good the DSX Defender II wax was and what I should expect. To be fair, I did not believe any product could be that good. I applied the DSX Defender II to the cab, glass and mirrors as instructed. My first application did not include the stainless steel. The shiny appearance was very impressive. The big surprise came when I washed the bugs, bird dirt, etc., off the truck at the end of the week, with a simple spray from the garden hose. A job that normally takes an hour each week was done in minutes. In early February, you called to ask about any experience in snow. At that time we had not driven in snow or ice so could not respond. In late February and March we drove in freezing weather with snow, ice and extremely windy conditions. NOTHING STICKS! Just like you told me, nothing sticks. Even the salt solution used on icy roads washes off easily, if washing is needed. I believe DSX Defender II is important as a safety factor, because the glass, windows and mirrors, are so clean and easy to keep clean. DSX Defender II is now on the stainless steel.

The DSX Products are saving me money everyday.

My next order for DSX Products is in the mail.

Thank you,

Bill Borom

Dear Lee;

As ‘You know, I was skeptical about the DSX products when we first talked. I also expressed an interest. My tractor is a 10 year old Freightliner with a Detroit 60 Series engine. It now has almost 1,300,000 miles on it. Shortly after I purchased the truck I made some modifications to the engine and pumped it up to slightly over 700 HP.

I evaluated DSX products for about 6 months by adding DSX Extra to the engine lubricants. I did not put any into the transmission or the other gear boxes. I wanted to evaluate the effect on the engine. The following is the result of t he testing:

1. The engine runs quieter with DSX Extra than without. It seems to run cooler, appears stronger. There was an overall slight increase in fuel mileage.

2. I change lubricants at 20,000 mile intervals. Prior to using DSX products I would add 4 to 6 gallons of oil between changes. After using the OSX Extra I add 3 t o 4 gallons of oil. Remember the engine already had over a million miles on it before I began using these products.

3. Comparing fuel used at idle it would consume 1 1/2 to 2 gallons’ per hour. I now burn about 1 GPH. I consider this a significant increase. I have also noticed an increase of oil pressure while at idle and the engine idles cooler’.

4. Recently I cleaned the fan and applied DSX Defender II to the blades. The fan appears to cool more efficiently, and the blades have remained clean. Individually, things like this have a small effect on vehicle performance, however. collectively they can have an enormous impact on vehicle performance and operating cost s.

5. About two months ago a heater hose failed when pulling a full load In the mountains of Utah. Road conditions did not allow for stopping, so I pulled on up the hill until I could safely get off the roadway. I thought I was looking at an extensive and costly engine rebuild. we replaced the heater hose and added coolant. I have noticed no damage to the engine. I believe the DSX Extra helped prevent serious internal damage to the motor. I continue to explore new applications for your products. I’ll keep you advised of my findings.

Bob Remsen

Mr. Lippert;

La presente es para darles las gracias por presentamos los productos DSX.

En nuestra Comapaflia comenzamos a usar el DSX EXTRA con nuestro primer cami6n, un Kenworth con motor Detroit DieseL Despues de afiadir DSX EXTRA aI motor, yo note que el motor del cami6n comenzo a ser mas silencioso y que la presi6n del aceite estaba mas arriba y estabJe.

La economia de Ja diesel mejoro 6.45 MJ>G A. 7.54 MPG en cada 15,000 miUas obteniendo haci una mejoria de un 17%. Desde que yo Ie afiadi DSX EXTRA los wheel bearings, power steering en el motor en cada cambio de aceite, la economia de diesel es constante de 7.25 MPG A 7.5 MPG y yo cambio el aceite cada 20,000 miIlas. Este cami6n ahara tiene mas de 280,000 millas con DSX EXTRA ( 24 meses a 12,000 millas por mes)

Con mi segundo cami6n un Kenwortb con motor CAT 3406, yo he usado DSX EXTRA para mas de 210,000 millas. El uso de diesel a mejorado de 6.0 MPG a 7.0 MPG casi inmediatamente.

Esto es una mejoria de un po quito mas de un 16%.

En los dos camiones , el consumo de aceite entre los cambios de aceite a bajado, tambien el aceite usado es notablemente mas limpio en apariencia y al tocar el mismo. Antes de usar DSX EXTRA, el aceite lucia extremadamente sucio y sin vicosidad .
Yo tambien uso DSX DEFENDER II para darle el brillo protectivo a los dos camiones. Una botella es muy efectiva y tiene una duracion de cuatro meses. Los dos camiones siempre lucen bien y en la noche es mas facil para conducir ya que el cristal se mantien mas limpio y puedo conducir con mayor confianza ya que nada se adhiera a los cristales porque este producto ayuda a repela los insectos. Y las vaquillas.

Yo continuare usando los productos DSX EXTRA ya que estan ayudando ha extender la vida de mis camiones.


Miguel S Hernandez

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