Q1.  Will DSX EXTRA work in either a gas or diesel engine?
A1. Yes.  DSX EXTRA works equally well in the crankcase of either a gasoline or diesel powered engine.

Q2.  Will DSX EXTRA replace the metal worn away in my engine?
A2.  No.  DSX EXTRA does not replace metal already worn away; however, DSX EXTRA significantly slows the wear rate and extends the life of your engine. It is recommended that DSX EXTRA be added to your engine oil immediately after the first oil change, the newer the engine, the better.

Q3.  How often should I use DSX EXTRA?
A3.  Although one treatment with DSX EXTRA will last a long time, it is recommended that you add DSX EXTRA with every oil change. Your engine will probably not use all of the Fluoropolymer particle concentrate that is contained in one bottle of DSX EXTRA, but it is wise to have that added economical wear protection there if you need it, especially under harsh driving conditions.

Q4.  Do I have to wear gloves or use any special precautions when I handle or install DSX EXTRA in my engine?
A4.  Absolutely not!  DSX EXTRA is a safe, non-hazardous material and requires no special precautions to handle. Fluoropolymer particles are chemically inert. DSX EXTRA contains no petroleum products or hydrocarbons that pollute our water or Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that deplete our Ozone layer. All of the ingredients contained in the special DSX EXTRA formula are pure, safe synthetics. DSX EXTRA is environmentally safe, nonflammable, nontoxic, and non-corrosive.

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