DSX Extra Oil Additive


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The DSX Products are based on embedded particle technology. All DSX Products modify friction. Basically, the fluoropolymer particles fill the voids in the surface of the materials creating a better fit and finish. It is this better fit and finish that allows for a more complete burn of the fuel with a corresponding reduction in discharge/emissions.

The applications for the DSX Products are many. Regarding trucks, trains, boats and construction equipment the applications are primarily power train; engine, transmission and drive axles. There are other applications also in bearings and gears.

Engines. With engines, DSX Extra is applied with new oil at the start of a typical service cycle. Experience has shown for the first application, ten percent DSX Extra is added to the engine oil. For subsequent oil changes, DSX Extra is applied at the ratio of five percent.

Transmissions. DSX Extra is applied to the transmissions fluid at a ratio of ten percent.

Drive axles. DSX Extra is applied to the drive axle lube at a ratio of ten percent.

Note. In all cases, we are working with existing conditions of the engine, transmission and drive axles. We have found in some cases a very quick response, as in by the end of the second week. In other cases, improvement has been slow and steady. It is our assumption that this phenomenon is directly related to the condition of the metal at the start of the test. Examples. One customer started with one quart of DSX Extra in each drive axle in May of 2007. His vehicle, a ’07 Peterbilt, has gauges to monitor temperature in the transmission and drive axles. He observed no change in temperature change until adding another quart of DSX Extra in July of 2007. He called us the following Tuesday to report a temperature reduction. By the end of the week, the temperature was lower by 15 Deg F to 20 Deg F. Today, the end of May 2010, the temperature remains lower by 15 Deg F to 20 Deg F. In another case, a customer added two quarts to each drive axle and found a 10 Deg F to 15 Deg F reduction in temperature and was very pleased. A year later he contacted us to ask if he should do it again. I asked if there was any change in temperature and he replied “the temperature remains 10 Deg F to 15 Deg F lower than before DSX Extra, essentially no change”. I suggested adding more DSX Extra to each drive axle. He did and had a temperature reduction of an additional 10 Deg F.

DSX Extra works with all lubricants. It is important to understand that our DSX Products are not working to improve on the lubricant. All major oil companies make excellent products. The DSX products are working to improve the fit and finish of the metal so the lubricant can do its job better. Your existing lubricant is a carrier for the DSX Product.



  • DELIVERS unequaled friction protection at extremely high or low temperatures.
  • PROTECTS high bearing surfaces from cold start-up stress pressures.
  • EXTENDS engine and parts life under all operating conditions especially at red line RPM’s.
  • REDUCES wear while delivering faster reaction, cooler running and more power.
  • IMPROVES fuel economy as much as 15%, based on customer reports.
  • REDUCES exhaust emissions as much as 15%.
  • PROVIDES shielded protection against wear, corrosion, carbonization and oxidation.
  • SUPPORTS universal viscosity with all synthetic and conventional petroleum oils and greases.
  • EMBEDS permanently in the metal surface asperities without changing tolerances of bearings, rings or pistons.
  • CONTAINS no hazardous hydrocarbons or chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s).
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE to handle, ship, store and dispose of.

DSX is the leader in the field of Tribology:
The Science of Friction and Drag Reduction

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