Recently one of our customers reported on the rebuild of an engine.  The rebuild was done by our customer with the assistance of the owner of a high tech rebuild facility.  The engine was a high temperature high output engine.  DSX Extra had been in the engine for five service cycles.  The following information was prepared by the owner of the rebuild facility:

“From my years in the power generation industry (specializing in filtration and lubrication) I have been made very aware of the ongoing problem of varnish build up on metallic surfaces such as bearings, valves and actuators.

For a very long time, the varnish problem seemed to be an unfortunate by product of heat, oil and friction.

The cause of metallic varnish has long been known to be caused by sub micron size particles that cannot be filtered via conventional media and collect in tiny voids on any surface.

Upon dis-assembly of an engine to inspect and measure the effects of DSX Extra, the near absence of varnish was quite surprising.  While further testing is being conducted to quantify these results, preliminary findings show that DSX Extra’ fluorocarbon displaces existing varnish and inhabits the void preventing and at the same time diminishing varnish build up in high temp or high friction oil applications.”

Garry Ratliff, BSME, ASQC CMI

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