18 Feb 2012
To: Our customers
From: Lee Lippert

Ref: DSX Products and temperature reduction (Arrhenius Rate Rule)

The Arrhenius Rate Rule states that for every 18 Deg F (10 Deg C) increase in oil temperature, oil life is cut in half. Conversely, the reduction in temperature of 18 Deg F essentially doubles the life of the oil. A reduction in temperature of36 Deg F doubles the life of the lubricant yet again. Basically this is an indication of the effect of temperature on the rate of lubricant degradation. Technically, heat increases the collision rate of molecules and the activation energy of the reaction. Furthermore, the presence of contaminants such as water and metal particles in the lubricant can speed up the process, increasing the energy activation. The baseline for these calculations seems to be above 150 Deg F according to some published data and higher with other data. The end result in all cases we researched seems to be similar.

What is the relationship between the DSX products, temperature reduction and the useful life of lubricants?

One of our customers reported a temperature reduction of 20 Deg F in the drive axles of the truck he drives- an ’07 Peterbilt with an ’06 CAT C15 engine after adding our DSX Extra to the gear lube. Details are available as to application. Based on that information he applied enough DSX Extra to the transmission fluid and engine oil until he reached 20 Deg F temperature reduction. All of his trucks have temperature gauges. In all cases, he applied DSX Extra until the temperature reduction of 20 Deg F was attained in engine, transmission and drive axles. There is/was no specific reason as to the use of 20 Deg F as the guideline. Recently he changed the transmission fluid because he thought it a good idea since he normally changed transmission fluid 125,000 miles earlier. He reported the used transmission fluid had minimal discoloration and no odor. He volunteered that he could easily have gone another 100,000 miles or more. The
trucks owned by this customer have more than 500,000 miles with DSX Extra. Today his lubricant temperature for drive axles and transmission is 150 Deg F to 155 Deg F.

Another customer started with DSX Extra in the engine and gradually applied it to the transmission and drive axles. He has approximately 700,000 miles of experience with DSX Extra. This customer observed his temperature gauges were not moving, or barely moving, so he thought they may have failed. He had them checked at the service center he has used for years. The temperature gauges are working fine. This suggests temperature reduction in excess of 30 Deg F. In this case, the customer changed oil at 18,000 miles when he started with DSX Extra. Based on oil analyses, feel, look and smell he now changes oil at 35,000 miles but thinks he could go much further.

These customers work in different parts of the country with different trucks and different power set ups. They have two things in common; (1) they both use DSX Extra and have for years and
many miles and (2) they both have temperature gauges. Admittedly, this is a small population. However, finding trucks with temperature gauges is not always easy.

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